Letting Go and Letting God

This poem is pretty self explanatory.  I wrote it in 2007.

Does your life feel like a complete mess?

Are you in a constant state of distress?

Is your life filled with pain?

Do all your efforts seem to be in vain?

Does the path you travel seem to be a dead end road?

Are lifes pressures crushing you under their heavy load?

Are you at the poing you need hep t make it through?

But not sure where to turn or what to do?

I know how you feel, I’ve been there before

Every direction seems to be blocked by an unopened door

I can share with you my friend how I learned to make it through

Your rewards will be endless if you heed my advice to you.

Learning to let God carry your load, letting Him have control

Displacing obstacles, allowing His love to permeate your soul

Granting God access inside, He reciprocates and starts to provide

Unlimited love and strength to sustain you during life’s unpredictable ride

Ephesians tells us Christ’s love surpasses all knowledge

Filling us with the fullness of God

What He can do is exceedingly and abundantly above

All we ask or think, according to the power that works in us

We were created for His pleasure to share His love we cannot measure

But afforded us free will, a single requirement to fulfill

To reap the bounty of His grace and one day gaze upon His face

We must ask Christ to abide in our heart, taking His rightful place

Once you’ve taken this step, you’ll see how God takes hold

Changing you into his child saved by grace, from the sinner of old

He carries your burdens while down life’s path you trod

Once you relinquish control by letting go and by letting God

Copyright 2007  Brian Dean Stoddard


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