The Dream Maker

We all have dreams

Within our hearts

Driven from deep within our souls

A piece of our being that never departs

These dreams push some to seek great heights

While others pursue theirs out of plain sight

Accomplished by some through a lifelong fight

While some seem to happen overnight

Some know their dream from childhood on

Some found after many years had gone

Some dreams come true, finally realized

Some lead to frustration, never reaching their prize

Why do some reach their summit?

While others stumble, only to plummet?

Did the dream become life’s focal point?

Creating imbalance, lives thrown out of joint?

Our dreams seem led by an internal compass

Directing the paths of each of us

Did you find your dream the same place as mine?

Assigned by the creator, His plan divine

God is the maker of the dream, orchestrating every scene

Each gift he gave me plays a part of the dream He placed upon my heart

To reach my goal, this I must remember as simple as it may seem

To keep the dream maker first as I walk the path leading to my dream

Copyright 2007  Brian Dean Stoddard


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