Sixteen Ounce Sized Hole

I wrote this and gave it to my brother, in regards to his struggle with alcoholism.

We’ve all seen them before, through our eyes or someone else’s

We know what they look like, we know how to find them

A twist of the wrist, and there we see it again once more

For before us sits, in our hand, a sixteen ounce sized hole

The hole is small, not very wide, not much can pass on through

It’s size is not representative thought of what the hole can do

A question arises, and we must ask ourselves

Are we pouring the contents out?  Or trying to crawl in?

When we get to the bottom, life seems clearer

Or maybe it’s because reality’s not quite as near

The contents make their way out

Then it begins again

Next thing we know, the night has slipped away

We sit there in a haze, yet to face another day

The bottles have multiplied

But as the night ends, we find ourselves still trying to get inside

We have filled that empty space inside, or so it seems

Our path seems more clear after we finished that last beer

The void seemed closed, the space felt filled

Was it reality, or just a a few more brain cells killed?

Sound familiar?  I’m sure it does

Is this you in this story, or someone you love?

In one form or another we’ve all been touched by this disease

Some have made it through, while others were driven to their knees

The struggle lasts forever even when the hole is filled

The fight is day to day because there is no other way

Temptation rears its ugly head, saying “I’ll have just one, I’ll be OK.”

But the reality is, that one could lead you to your grave

So where do we go, what do we do?

How can the hole be filled?  Where on earth do we go?

When we need to fill that empty space deep within our soul?

Or maybe it’s a loved one, or someone close to your heart

How do we help them through?  Where should we start?

The healing must be gradual, just as the wound was made

It won’t happen overnight, or even in a day

Patience must be your partner, compassion your companion

Time factors into the equation, with the words listed above

But the only thing that will fill that hole is simply love, love, love

Where do we find this love, if we are all alone?

We bow our heads, drop to our knees and raise our hands up high

Lift up our words, our wounded hearts to our Father in the sky

Your load he’ll take, His yoke will bear the burden of your pain

Your pain got worse and the wound got deeper still

Yet God seemed not a part of your life, as you carried on uphill

But maybe you got mad at God, for not being at your side

You tried to make it work yourself, instead of letting Him be your guide

Maybe you have only heard of this God, who loves you unconditionally

You wonder where you can find Him, to help you with your pain

There’s only one way to the Father, my friend, and I I’ll tell you his name

Through Jesus we come to the Father, Jesus shows us the way

He lived His life to show us how it’s done

He gave his life for us so with His Father we may live as one

His flesh was torn, his blood was spilled, to cleanse us of our sins

He bore the pain to so that we may be knows as “His”

God loves us all, great and small, no matter who we are

He wants to be our friend, though his distance may seem far

He longs for a relationship with each one of us, to be our best friend

If you make His son, Jesus, you savior, you will live with Him till the end

So are you sitting there again, bottle in hand, staring at that hole?

But this time you know there is something different, something in your soul?

You want to change but don’t know how, you’re not sure where to start?

Push the bottle away, clasp your hands and pray, and ask Jesus into your heart


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