Vine of the Divine

To bear fruit, branches must be fed

Without nourishment, they’ll be dead

Such sustenance supplied by the vine

Supplemented by nutrients, rain and sunshine

To separate one from the other

Leads to a certain demise

Solitary existence seems attainable

To some, self-sufficiency is a prize

Take a moment for relflection

Glancing back throughout your life

Were your branches filled with fruit?

Or sparsely adorned, the bounty light?

From where do you receive your sustenance?

What source ensures survival of your vine?

Is it based on something earthly?

Or is it centered around the divine?

God the Father, is the gardener

Jesus, the Son, the true vine

We are the branches that bear the fruit

Given to us to share with mankind

We must remain in Him and His word

Share our fruits with others, share His story

Requests in Jesus through His name will be heard

Answered prayers and fruits shared, together reveal His glory

Jesus called us friend, teachings from above, He shared all

Our friend’s ultimate love revealed, for us He took the fall

By choosing us, He appointed us, our fruits to share

Fruitless branches burned, others pruned, to increase the fruits we bear

Our call you see, is  clear as can be

It involves humanity, our sisters and our brothers

Our borne fruits, through Him, aren’t for you or me

Our bounty shared, fulfills His command:  Love each other

Copyright  2007  Brian Dean Stoddard


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